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Candied Pineapple

We purchased a Huge Pineapple from the market. It looks so fresh, suddenly i thought to make some thing different with this fruit.This is the idea of making with this fruit.

Ingredients: Pineapple pieces            1 cupSugar                             11/2 cupWater                            1 cup Method: Heat sugar and water in high flame mix well for few min.After sugar dissolved well in water turn flame in to medium heat.Then slowly add pineapple pieces in to sugar solution and cook for 10 to 15 minTill pineapple pieces turn into crystal color.Turn off the flame and keep it to be  cool.After it become cool store it in glass jar.No need to refrigerate

I am sending this recipe to Rupali host of this event  and created by Priya

Rice Kheer - Indian Classic Rice and Milk Desert

Kheer is classic simple traditional desert from  all over India.Kheer is prepared in each and every occasion in India.

Ingredients for Kheer:

Basmathi rice                     1/2 cup (clean and wash with tap water)(soak for 20min)Ghee                                  1/2 tea spoonCondensed milk                 2 cupsMilk                                   3 cupsGreen cardamom                2 or 3 Pound it in mortalAlmonds                             few(cut into small pieces)Saffron                               few (soak it in warm milk) Method: Add rice and ghee in  pressure cooker shallow fry for few min. in medium flame.Now add milk and cook in low flame till rice to become soft,then add condensed milk cook few more min in low flame till milk thickens.Then add cardamom powder and almond  pieces mix well and turn off the flame.Now add saffron and mix well.Serve warm or chilled.

Condensed milk (Indian brand Amul condensed milk) Rice,almonds,cardamom
Rice Kheer
I am sending this reci…

Baby Potato Delight

Last Sunday  i purchased cute baby potatoes,bunch of fresh curry leaves from our vegetable market.Usually
i will buy whenever i see these baby potatoes in the market Because we all like this buttery taste vegetable.Today my lunch menu is very simple and tasty boiled Baby Potatoes Stir Fry seasoned with   Roasted Curry leaves Spice powder  and Tomato Dal and Rice.Often  i love to make Spicy roasted Curry leaves Powder.Because this lovely Aromatic  Curry leaf have so many medicinal properties.It helps  to lower the blood sugar level and helps to digest our food.Today's my recipe is Cooked Baby Potatoes Stir Fry seasoned with Spicy Curry leaves Powder.

Baby Potato Delight (Stir Fry)

Classic Vegetable Grilled Sandwich

Sandwiches are all time favorite in our home.I have to give credits to my husband and  my sons.They love to experiment with vegetables and cheese.  My today's great post is our home Sunday break fast delicacy:
Classic Vegetable Grilled Sandwich.
Ingredients: Brown bread           6 slicesPotato (big)             1 (cook for 4min on high power in microwave)(remove skin and mash it in a bowl)Corinader chutney   1 cup(fresh cleaned 200g coriander leaves,small ginger piece,2 green chillies blend well in blender and add little salt,lemon juice and mix well) Butter                     20g Method: Take bread slices and cut sides carefully. Keep it aside.Now take coriander chutney in a wide bowl add butter and mashed potato mix well.Apply 1 spoon of  vegetable mix to bread slice and close with another bread slice.Grill in sandwich grill toaster for 2 to 3 min till slice to become crisp  golden brown color. Like grill to remaing slices also.Serve this piping hot Classic Vegetable Sandwiches …

Kashmiri Pulao

Cuisine of  Kashmir
Ingredients: Basmati rice                1 cup(wash and clean and soak 1 hour in clean water)Water                         11/2 cup and 1/2 cup milkButter                         2 table spoonsCumin powder            1 tea spoonPepper powder           1 tea spoonCloves                        2Cinnamon                  small pieceCardamom pods         2Ginger                        1 tea spoon (grated)Fruits                         1 bowl(pineapple,apple,banana,pamegrenate)Dry fruits                    each two(cashew,almond,raisins)Salt                             for taste Method: Heat butter in Pressure cooker in a medium flame.Add bay leaf,cloves,cinnamom, cardamon pods fry for few min.Then add ginger, cumin powder,pepper powder  and dry fruits mix well and add washed rice and salt and mix well.Then add water,milk close the lid with valve and cook for 4 to 5 min.After cooker become cool remove lid.Take out in a serving plate and garnish with fruits.Serve with Dum…

Malpe Beach


Sambar Powder


Lemon Zest Golden Triangles

I received these  two Spring  awards from beautiful blogger friend Marimi  saboresyolores-garluti  from Spain.

I like to share this Spring Awards for my nice and wonderful blog friends Ramya  and Priya Mahadevan
This recipe is inspired from Spanish culinary. I call it Lemon zest golden triangles.
All purpose flour(maida)   1 cupButter                               1 spoonPowdered sugar                1/2 cupLemon zest                       littleLemon juice                     1 table spoonVanilla essence                  1 dropWater                                3 to 4 spoonsVegetable oil                     2 cups for frying Method: Take all purpose flour in a wide bowl add butter and mix well.Then add lemon zest,powdered sugar,vanilla drop and lemon juice. Mix well.Now take water; add little by little to this flour and make like a smooth stiff dough. Keep it aside for half an hour.Now make the dough into small round balls. Take one dough ball ,dust some dry flour on top of it. With…

Pala Payasam (Rice cooked with milk and sugar, topping with cardamom powder,almond pieces)

Belated Sri Rama Navami Wishes to All

The great Hindu Sanskrit Epic Ramayana tells the story about Lord Rama and his Wife Sita.This story tell's us about Sri Rama's (hero of this story) journey.Day before yesterday means April12th is the Lord Rama's Birth day. Normally  Rama Navami festival celebrates great way in India. In South India Sri Rama Navami normally performs Kalayanothsavam means marriage for deities in temples and homes.
In Andhra Pradesh Sri Rama Navami Kalayanothsavam(marriage) performs in  great manner. I am also busy in doing Puja. Sorry friends,I am a bit late in posting my recipes for this festival. For this festival Prasadams  in my home,Panakam,Vada Pappu,Panchamrutham,Pulihora,Pal Payasam etc.

Prasadams  (recipes) for this festival:
Panakam means - traditional method of making cool drink. Making this Panakam we need:Drinking water,powdered jaggery,powdered cardomom (for flavor), little crushed black pepper(for spice).Mix  well in a wide vessel. Panacha…