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Malabar Spinach Daal - Bachhali Kura Pappu

Malabar Spinach is popular leafy vegetable in India.  It has an unique flavour instead of normally grown Spinach.  Malabar Spinach is a climber and non climber plant. It is grown in every where.  Recently I saw non creeper variety of Malabar Spinach  in my brother's tiny kitchen garden. From there I picked  some plants   and  planted in my house. It has grown very nicely.  This is the result of those freshly picked , very simple and tasty and healthy Dal. Usually this Dal  is served with Rice and topping with a spoon of Ghee(clarified butter)

Exciting and Thrilling Himachal Visit

Recently we visited a Himalayan Hill Station, popularly called Kullu Manali located in Himachal Pradesh,  India. Its a long journey for us being located in the southern most corner of the country. As such,  I shall limit my travelogue for our trip between Delhi and Manali in this post.

We started our journey by a coach on a monday evening around 6 pm and knowing that the we will alight from the bus the next morning around 8 am, we have mentally prepared for an arduous 14 hours bus ride. Though its a modern ISUZU Coach and the half the journey from mid-night is through ghats and spiral climb into the hills, its a surprise that we did not get either the travel sickness or the altitude sickness throughout the journey. While we inched away our selves from the mega metropolis of Delhi we realised that we will be passing through some historic towns such as Karnal and one of the most beautiful cities of our country, Chandigarh, we were unmindful of all of those places passing by.

We cut thr…