Exciting and Thrilling Himachal Visit

Recently we visited a Himalayan Hill Station, popularly called Kullu Manali located in Himachal Pradesh,  India. Its a long journey for us being located in the southern most corner of the country. As such,  I shall limit my travelogue for our trip between Delhi and Manali in this post.

We started our journey by a coach on a monday evening around 6 pm and knowing that the we will alight from the bus the next morning around 8 am, we have mentally prepared for an arduous 14 hours bus ride. Though its a modern ISUZU Coach and the half the journey from mid-night is through ghats and spiral climb into the hills, its a surprise that we did not get either the travel sickness or the altitude sickness throughout the journey. While we inched away our selves from the mega metropolis of Delhi we realised that we will be passing through some historic towns such as Karnal and one of the most beautiful cities of our country, Chandigarh, we were unmindful of all of those places passing by.

We cut through the thick of the night and reached town called Mandi, early in the morning, which itself is in the midst of the hills, and we couldn't sleep any further. by the time the bus faced the dawn of the day, we crossed  Bhakra Dam, the tallest river dam constructed in free India on the river Beas, and there-on, meandered on the banks of the river Beas criss-crossing the river several times, till we reached Manali finally at around 10.30 in the morning.

it was a visual delight inching our way on the slopes and climbs of the hills to cross from one mountain side to the other and manoeuvring through the river in its various forms and flows. the Kullu town is the beginning of the Kullu valley from where one climbs once again to heights to reach Manali and the thrills of being in the midst of the mighty Himalayas would unfold after crossing the Beas river towards the end of Kullu town. the fifty and odd kilo-meters of the last leg of the journey, will showcase nature showcasing the Snowy hills through a dramatic curtain raiser as the bus males one more turn and presents these snow-caps behind all Tarai meadows, pine trees and apple orchards in the fore-ground.

We present some of the snaps we have taken while spending the days in different facets of this Valley and the flavours of this memorable town and valley. our experiences are recounted where-ever those anecdotes add to the visuals, but sincerely feel that the pictures tell more tales than what we could elucidate in this space. Enjoy them and let me know your views


  1. Beautiful, I wish one day I could visit there. Nice writeup and clicks Rani. You made me traveling with you.

  2. Wish i visit this beautiful place, wat a lovely post, eye pleasing eyes.

  3. Nice post with beautiful pics...Kullu manali is a very beautiful place had visited it long back..would love to visit again

  4. wow, so beautiful pictures, I wish I will plan to visit this place some time.

  5. What a lovely pics! I bet u had a great time there

  6. I would love to visit those places in the Himalayas ... the photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing your travel Rany ... hugs and kisses Marimi

  7. Himachal is such a beautiful place or i always want to visit this,in this vacation i'll definitely planned to visit this place also would like to say that you share a nice post with these beautiful pics....!!!
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