Palak Moong Dal Seaosned with Garlic - Garlicky Greengram Spinach Curry

Palak  Moong Dal Seaosned with Garlic - Garlicky Greengram Spinach Curry

Dal (Lentil)  is a source of proteins for balance diet.  In my home  Dal is a regular accomplishment with lunch meal. Usually i will add leafy vegetables or some Vegetables to my regular Dal preparation. Today's my post is inspired by Moong Dal Palak Curry is from Bhavana's Kitchen.

Palak Moong Dal Seasoned with Garlic

Chennakesava Temple Belur and Shravanabelagola Bahubali Gomatheswara

Belur is historically an important place in Karnataka,India. Belur town is famous for its Chennakesava Temple,one of the finest example of Hoysala Workmanship.
In my Today's  post i am sharing my joy of visiting this beauty of architecture pictures in Belur.
And on the way we stopped at Shravanabelagola, this place is famous for the statue of Gommateshwara Bahubali and important pilgrimage destination for Jainism. We had fresh and delicious Jain Thali here.

South Indian Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee
I like coffee since childhood. I learnt how to make Filter coffee from my mother.My husband also is coffee lover. So my coffee liking continues to influence my present home as well.

Filter coffee powder is different from instant coffee powder. In India, Filter coffee powder is sold in coffee shops and in grocery stores. What makes the filter coffee powder unique is the proportionate mixture of ground roasted coffee beans with powdered chicory. Chicory enhances the taste and the smell of coffee.

The filter coffee is made using an instrument called the coffee filter. The filter brews coffee into a fine dicoction. The coffee filter is made of two cups:(upper one fits onto the lower one.) 1. Upper cup is like a filter(with pierced base) for filtering out the brewed coffee. The upper cup usually comes with a lid and 2. Bottom cup to collect the decoction(brewed coffee)
Today i will show you how to make Indian filter coffee.
I have used a traditional brass coffee filter her…

Besan Laddu

Besan Laddu is popular traditional sweet preparation for festivals all over India. Today's post is easy to make tasty sweet recipe.

Summer balcony garden

Singonium in Hanging pot

White lillies Pudina in Recycled bottles and Mari gold
Menthi  Thai Basil

Lychee n' Lemon Delight

A refreshing  cool summer drinks liked by Kids and all. Today's my post is Lychee n' Lemon Delight.

Kanni Manga or Vadu Manga - Tender Mango Pickle

Kanni Manga or  Vadu Manga or Tender  Mango pickle  is a very popular Mango Pickle delicacy from Kerala and Tamilnadu.  In India Summer seasonal fruit is Mango. Almost all parts of India busy in making different types of pickles with raw mangoes in summer season.Today's my post is one of the most popular pickle from southern part of India. Main ingredients for this pickle are Mustard seeds,Fenugreek seeds,freshTender mangoes ,good Chilli Powder, Gingely oil and Salt. Today's my recipe is famous Kanni Manga or Vadu Manga Vurgaa in my way.