Kanni Manga or Vadu Manga - Tender Mango Pickle

Kanni Manga or  Vadu Manga or Tender  Mango pickle  is a very popular Mango Pickle delicacy from Kerala and Tamilnadu.  In India Summer seasonal fruit is Mango. Almost all parts of India busy in making different types of pickles with raw mangoes in summer season.Today's my post is one of the most popular pickle from southern part of India. Main ingredients for this pickle are Mustard seeds,Fenugreek seeds,freshTender mangoes ,good Chilli Powder, Gingely oil and Salt. Today's my recipe is famous Kanni Manga or Vadu Manga Vurgaa in my way.

  1. Tender Mangoes                     50 no.
  2. Salt                                          150 g
  3. Turmeric powder                     1 table spoon
  4. Mustard seeds                        100 g (powder it in mortal)
  5. Salt                                            50 g
  6. Fried Fenugreek seeds          1 table spoon (powder it in mortal)
  7. Asafoeteda                              1 tea spoon
  8. Gingely oil or vegetable oil       100 g

  1. Clean Tender mangoes.
  2. Keep these mangoes in clean water 2 to 3 hours.
  3. Discard water.
  4. Clean all Mangoes thoroughly with clean dry cloth and keep it aside.
  5. Keep  these cleaned Tender mangoes in a wide mouth ceramic jar and add 1 table spoon oil and shake well.
  6. Then add Salt and Turmeric powder and shake well and leave it aside for one week.( In between check the Mangoes and shake the jar 2 to 3 times daily to mix salt well.)
  7. After one week water oozes from Tender mangoes.
  8. And Tender mangoes loose their round shape and looks like wrinkled.
  9. In this stage separate mangoes from water and keep it aside.
  10. Take ground Mustard powder and Fenugreek powder in a mixer grinder jar add oozed salt water and 50 g salt and grind well to smooth.
  11. Add this spice mix to mangoes and mix well and then add Gingely oil and Asafoteda mix well
  12. And store it in ceramic jar.
  13. Serve after one week. 


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