Malabar Spinach Daal - Bachhali Kura Pappu

Malabar Spinach  is popular leafy vegetable in India.  It has an unique flavour instead of normally grown Spinach.  Malabar Spinach is a climber and non climber plant. It is grown in every where.  Recently I saw non creeper variety of Malabar Spinach  in my brother's tiny kitchen garden. From there I picked  some plants   and  planted in my house. It has grown very nicely.  This is the result of those freshly picked , very simple and tasty and healthy Dal. Usually this Dal  is served with Rice and topping with a spoon of Ghee(clarified butter)


  1. Moong Dal              1 cup
  2. Water                      1 1/2 cups+2 cups
  3. Malabar Spinach      1 cup leaves(chop finely)
  4. Green chilli               1(chopped finely)
  5. Ginger                     small (chop finely)
  6. Turmeric                 a pinch
  7. Salt                          according to taste
  8. Lemon juice              2 tea spoons
  1. Vegetable oil                 1 table spoon
  2. Mustard seeds               1 tea spoon
  3. Red chilli                       1
  4. Cumin seeds                  1 tea spoon
  5. Asafoteda                      1/2 tea spoon
  6. Bengal gram,black gram 1 tea spoon(optional)
  1. Wash Yellow lentil in a fresh water.
  2. Cook lentils in a Pressure cooker adding  11/2  cups of water up to 2 whistle.Switch off the stove and keep it aside to become cool.
  3. Heat pan add cooked Dal and chopped spinach,green pieces,ginger pieces and Turmeric powder and add  2 cups of water  and cook in medium flame till Dal and Spinch to become smooth.
  4. Now add Salt and mix well and off the flame and add the lemon juice and mix well.
  5. Heat( in a medium heat) oil in a small Seasoning pan add Asafoteda and fry for few min.then add red chilli pieces(make it into half),mustard seeds,cumin seeds and fry for few min. till seeds to splutter.
  6. Add this seasoning to Dal.
  7. Serve with Piping hot steamed rice topping with Ghee and with any pickle     


  1. Healthy ,delicious and simple..lovely daal

  2. love this dal like it.

  3. Wat a comforting dal..healthy and inviting.

  4. Miss this spinach here. Looks delicious dal.

  5. always tastes best when you use fresh from the garden. I never cooked with malabar spinach. they look like baby spinach.

  6. Hi Rani ,

    i'm Punitha of

    New to your space , and looks delicious !!!

    At your free time do visit my blog and

    give your valuable comments Rani :)

    Keep on :) :)

  7. Hi Rani the pics are gr8 I am sure it will taste even better. Glad to follow you do visit my space in ur free time.

  8. Looks so flavourful! We love malabar spinach, I grew these too! They can be harvested over and over again!

  9. Delicious and comforting food...


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