Peanut Chutney - Palli Chutney

Simple and delicious Peanut Chutney is a one more  accompaniment for steamed Idliies and Dosas.


  1. Roasted Peanuts             1 small cup
  2. Grated coconut              1/2 small cup
  3. Ginger (grated)               1/2 tea spoon           
  4. Green chillies                 3
  5. Garlic pods                    2
  6. Salt                               1 tea spoon
  7. Water                           1/2 cup
  1. Vegetable oil                1 table spoon
  2. Mustard seeds             1 tea spoon
  3. Cumin seeds               1 tea spoon
  4. Whole dry red chilli     1
  5. Curry leaves              few
  1. Take Roasted Peanuts,Grated coconut,Ginger,Garlic pods and Green chillies in a mixture grinder blend well and add water and blend   till to smooth.
  2. Transfer this smooth chutney in a serving bowl add salt and mix well and keep aside.
  3. In medium flame heat Vegetable oil in a pan and add Whole red chillies,Mustard seeds,Cumin seeds fry for few minutes till to splutter and add curry leaves fry for few minutes and off the flame and add this seasoning to Peanut Chuney.
  4. Serve this tasty chutney with Idlies or Dosa.


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