Pudina Pulao - Mint Rice

Pudina Pulao - Mint Pulao with Vegetable Raita

Pudina is a  nice aromatic herb. Today i bought a huge  bunch of Pudina from market.I thought to prepare simple and easy aromatic Pudina Pulao along with Vegetable Raita.

Preparation time : 20 min.
Cooking time 15 min.
Serves  : 4

Ingredients for Pudina Puree:

  1. Pudina  leaves               1 small cup
  2. Fresh Ginger                 small piece ( 20g.)
  3. Garlic pods                   2
  4. Salt                              1/2 tea spoon
  5. Lemon juice                  1 lemon juice 
  6. Green chillies                2
Method for Pudina Puree:

Take Pudina leaves,Ginger,Garlic pods Green chillies,Salt and Lemin juice and little amount of water  in a mixer grinder(small) jar and grind well till to fine paste. Take out in a bowl and keep it aside.
 (Instead of fresh Ginger and Garlic pods we can use store bought  Ginger garlic paste .)

Ingredients for Pudina Pulao:

  1. Basmathi Rice or Raw Rice                   2 1/2 cups(wash Rice soak it for 10 min. and drain it in colander.)
  2. Pudina Puree                                        1 small cup
  3. Chopped Onions                                   1 small cup
  4. Garam masala                                      1 tea spoon
  5. Red chilli powder                                 1 tea spoon
  6. Salt                                                    1 table spoon
  7. Vegetable oil                                        3 table spoons
  8. Water                                                 5 cups
Mehtod for Pudina Pulao:
  1. Heat vegetable oil in a Pressure cooker on a stove top  in a medium flame.
  2. Fry Chopped onions for 1 min. then add Garam masala,salt,Red chilli powder and fry few min. and then add Pudina puree and cook for few min. till raw smell to go. 
  3. Now add drained Rice and salt  mix well and cook for few min.
  4. Then add water  and mix well and cover with lid and cook in a medium flame  for 4 to 5 min. till 2 whistles to come. Off the flame.
  5. Serve piping hot Pudina Pulao with Vegetable Riata.


Ingredients for Vegetable Raita:( Mixed Vegetable Curd Chutney)
  1. Curds (Yogurt)                       2 cups 
  2. Chopped vegetables Carrot)     1 cup
  3. Chopped Green chilli               1 (green chilli is optional)
  4. Salt                                       1 tea spoon  
Method for Vegetable Raita:
Take  Curd in a wide bow and beat few seconds with beater and mix all chopped vegetables and salt. Serve with Pulao.



  1. Healthy one-dish meal.. one of my favs :)


  2. very yummy luking pulav n i love mint flavour..:)


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