Simple Tips for Choosing Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and Fruits are good source of Vitamins,minerals,antioxidants and fiber. Many of these nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E,beta carotene fat soluble and their absorption is enhanced when consumed with small amount of fats. Choosing fresh Vegetables and Fruits is an art which comes with experience.Here are some simple tips for choosing good Vegetable and Fruits.

I am giving some list of Vegetables :
  1. Green leafy vegetables - Leaves looks fresh,firm,crisp,free from insect damage and de-coloration.
  2. Potatoes - Firm potatoes without green patches and try to avoid cracks and sprouted roots on their surfaces.
  3. Tomatoes - Select firm slightly unripe ones.
  4. Onions - Ends should be firm,skin glossy. Avoid ones with shoots. Discard ones with black moulds on the skin.
  5. Brinjal - Avoid ones with holes,blemishes.
  6. Lady's finger - Tip of Lady's finger  should be tender. Hard ones are over - mature.
  7. Cabbage - Should be fresh and bright green
  8. Cauliflower - Fresh,creamy white and free from insects.
  9. Carrot - Firm long slim ones with typical reddish orange color.
  10. Radish and Turnip - Firm translucent with fresh leaves.
  11. Beans - Tender ones are better.
  12. Bitter gourd - Fresh,uniform shape and dark green in color.
  13. Yam - White flush or Yellow flesh one should buy. Avoid pink colcored flesh Yam.
  14. Coconut - Shaking coconut best checks it.The slsoshing of water inside  indicates it is good.
  1. Bananas - Choose firm ones with clear skin. They should not be soft and pulpy. Black skin with spots means they are overripe.
  2. Apples - Ususally conical shaped apples are tastes better than round ones. Skin should not be wrinkled.
  3. Oranges - A good tangy smell,firm skin and heavy with juice is ideal.
  4. Mangoes - Sweet smell,firm and good in color.
  5. Green grapes -  A slightly green tinge,translucent skin,medium sized ones are sweet.


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