Basic Plain Dosa

Basic Plain Dosa is a Indian Crape which is prepared with Black gram lentil(Udad dal) and Rice


  1. Black gram(skinless black gram(Urad daal)              1 cup
  2. Raw rice  or Idly Rice                                              2 cups
  3. Salt                                                                          to taste
  4. Vegetable oil                                                            1 cup
  1.  Take  skinless  Black gram in a separate bowl and Rice in separate bowl and  wash thoroughly with water. Then add enough water in each bowl to cover them about to deep. Soaked  in  7 to 8 hours. Best is to soak overnight
  2. Drain soaked water from Black gram and Rice and wash with clean water and grind both Rice and Black gram separately in mixture grinder or in wet grinder or in Food processor adding little little amount of water till smooth batter.
  3.  Mix the both batters in big large bowl and add salt mix well. Keep it in warm place to  ferment for 7 to 8   hours.
  1. Heat a Tawa or Griddle over  a  medium flame.
  2. Pour one cup full of batter in the middle of the pan and spread like thin  Dosa and pour  a little  vegetable oil on the edges  while cooking,when Dosa become crisp fold and take it into serving plate.
  3. Serve with Coconut chutney and Sambar.
  4. I served with coconut chutney and spice powder(Karappodi) topping with little clarified butter.

Plain Dosa

Dosa batter before fremenation
Dosa batter after fermentation

Laddle full of Dosa batter
Spread Dosa on Tawa

Plain Dosa along with Coconut chutney and Karappodi


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