Spinach Chutney (Palakura Pachadi)

Spinach Chutney(Palak Chutney)

Spinach Chutney is is an excellent healthy side dish with any south Indian or North Indian meal. Spinach itself  a healthy leaf vegetable. Often i used to make either Spinach Dal or Spinach curry or Spinach Paratha or Spinach Tomato mixed Curry.  This is my Mother in law's style Spinach Chutney (Palakura Pachadi). She likes to add a bit tamarind more in her chutneys.I like to add little lesser.(If we add tamarind more means taste is a bit sour and spicy means we have to add more red chillies also).


  1. Spinach   (Palakura)          1 bunch around 100g.(washed and chop )
  2. Red chillies                      2 
  3. Bengal gram                      2 table spoons
  4. Cumin seeds                    2 table spoons
  5. Grated coconut                3 table spoon
  6. Tamarind  juice               1 tea spoon
  7. Ginger                            small piece
  8. Salt                               according to taste
  9. Vegetable oil                 1 table able spoon
Seasoning :
  1. Vegetable oil          1 table spoon
  2. Mustard seeds        1 tea spoon
  3. Curry leaves         few
  4. Asafoteda            a pinch
  5. Finely chopped Onions,green chilli,tomato pieces.
  1. Heat oil in a pan in a medium heat. 
  2. Add Bengal gram,cumin seeds,red chillies fry for few min.till bengal gram turn golden brown color and cumin seed to splutter.
  3. Then add chopped Spinach and fry for few min.till spinach has to cook well.Off the flame and keep it aside to become cool.
  4. Now add this fried mixture,salt,tamarind juice,grated coconut into mixture grinder jar or blender and  blend well till to become smooth chutney texture.
  5. Heat oil in a small pan add mustard seeds fry for few min.till seeds to splutter and then add curry leaves and asafoteda off the flame and add this seasoning into chutney.
  6. Now take this chutney in a serving bowl.
  7. Now add chopped onions,green chillies and tomatoes into seasoned chutney and mix well.
  8. Serve as a side dish with any meal.


  1. never tried spinach chutney..looks so healthy n delicious..

  2. interesting one..looks yummy..BDW u have an award at my space..plz collect it dear.
    here is the link-http://www.mahaslovelyhome.com/2012/04/aloo-samosapotato-samosa.html

  3. very nice recipe,healthy too..

  4. I am missing that spinach. Looks delicious.

  5. Wat a healthy and fingerlicking chutney..

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  7. hi rani,just to say thank you for your sweet comments on my post “sago dessert” at sobha’s last week.
    bookmarked your spinach chutney with thanks. i love to try this yummy chutney Have a nice day

  8. healthy and delicious chutney..loved your wonderful blog:)

  9. Hi RANI .. you've done more interesting chutneys .. the nuts is fantastic and the spinach is very rich ... these days I've made ​​bread Indian public within a few days .. aver that you think ... kisses MARIMI

  10. Hi Rani,
    Nice and different pachadi..never tasted this before.I am going to try this one...it looks like gongura pachadi

  11. Healthy and yummy recipe with spinach!

  12. healthy & lipsmacking chutney!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner


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