Microwave - Sweet,tangy and spicy Bitter gourd (Bitter melon)Curry,Andhra style

Sweet,tangy and spicy Bitter gourd(Bitter melon) Curry(కాకరకాయ పులుసు,బెల్లం  పెట్టిన కూర )

My mother and mother in law also experts in making this curry.This curry is commonly made in all Andhra vaishnavaite and brahmin homes.Because this is no onion and no garlic recipe.

Today i am posting one of the andhra Sweet,tangy and Spicy and juicy vegetable curry in my way:


  1. Bitter gourd           1 big(cut into round shapes)
  2. Tamarind              25g(Soak it in warm water or take it tamarind add 1/2 cup amount of water in a microwave safe bowl cook for 30sec.and take it out and keep it aside)
  3. Jaggery                  50g(grate it)
  4. Salt                       1 tablespoon
  5. Red chilli powder  1 table spoon
  6. Turmeric               1/4 tea spoon
  7. Gingely oil             2 table spoons
  8. mustard seeds       1 teaspoon
  9. Whole red chilli     1 
  10. cumin seeds           1/2 tea spoon
  11. fenugreek seeds      1/4 stea spoon
  12. bengal gram           1/2 tea spoon
  13. Asafoteda              a pinch
  14. curry leaves          4
  15. Water                  1 cup
  1. Take bitter gourd pieces in a microwave safe bowl add little amount of water and cook in high power for 5min.
  2. Now heat  1  spoon of oil in a pan add microwave cooked  pieces mix well in medium flame and add cooked tamarind pulp in this mix add little amount of water close lid and cook for 3min.
  3. Then add grated jagery,salt,chilli powder and turmeric mix well and  close lid and cook  for 5 min.
  4. Then open the lid and cook for 1 min. In this stage oil will come out from curry.Then turn of flame,take it curry in a serving bowl
  5. Heat remaining oil in a small pan in a medium heat add red chilli  pieces,bengal gram,mustard seeds,cumin,fenugreek seeds fry few min till seeds to splutter.
  6. Now add this seasoning to curry and serve with hot rice.

Pf: I have not removed seeds from bitter gourd.In our home we like with seeds.While removing seeds from bitter gourd bitterness will reduce.


  1. U r making me to preapre this yummy karela .drooling here.

  2. Una combinación que tiene que estar rica.

  3. lovely and delicious karela curry.

  4. Sounds very tasty. Pity there's no gourd here :-(


  5. What a great recipe Rani. Healthy n delicious..

    US Masala

  6. Fabulous curry, looks simply irresistible..feel like having some..

  7. only way I can eat bitter gourd is in pulusu or as fry...it looks yum!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  8. healthy and delicious curry !!

  9. Delicious and hot sour bitter curry.

  10. Looks delicious...mouthwatering...thanks for sharing.

  11. Dear Rani..Bitter gourd that I've seen in a rectea Swathi not know ...very apeteecible Hugs..Hugs..MARIMI


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