Beautiful Island Bali,Indonesia

Bali is a beautiful Island in Indonesia.My husband was invited for a conferences in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, some time ago..I visited this beautiful and enchanting place along with him.We can see here old Hindu Temples with beautiful carvings.When my husband was busy in his conference presentations, I went on roaming around the place and  captured some of the moments on a small mobile phone camera.

The town of Ubud has internationally renowned agricultural university> Besides the collegiate campuses, Ubud had thousands of temples and hundreds of small little shops of handicrafts and handlooms of various hues and intricacies. I found that small town was dotted with many Balenese Dance Schools, where several beautiful girls practiced and performed Bali Dance. The temples happened to be their auditoria and temple priests, the patrons of the artisits. I was impressed by the architecture and sculptures at these temples and the beuatiful carvings at the entrances of the temples. While people fondly mention that Bali is a town of thousand temples, we were mesmerised by their impeccable maintenance and preservation efforts. 

I was so happy to be warmly greeted and treated with fondness that i was from India. I was thrilled to know that Balinese people love to watch Indian Hindi movies.They even sing hindi film songs. They asked me so many questions about Bollywood movies.Lovely people.I bought so many art pieces and handicraft items during my stay here.

One temple in Bali

Every where in Bali we an see these beautiful carvings
This pond was filled by a sudden rain infront of the villa where we stayed. You can notice a Big Ganesha in front of our stay, and this was a common sight at many of the houses and resorts in Ubud.

A temple guarded by Chinese Wisdom Gods at the entrance
(Me and my husband)Surprisingly we hunted an Indian Restaurant also near the Agricultural University...
         We were delighted by a platter of delicious Indian vegetarian dishes for lunch on a rainy afternoon!
Ganesha,Hanuma sculptures at the frontage in this resort suites..
Balinese Dancers performing the great epic Ramayana!

Sea shore in Bali
Sea shore from Bali Airport Denpasar - Indonesia


  1. A beautiful place, it's wonderful.

  2. Superb pictures and very beautiful scenes of Bali.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice clicks, beautiful island. Look like you guys had wonderful time there.

  4. Beautiful island, we r planning to go since a long, ur clicks are just pulling me now..Wonderful write up..

  5. Hi Priya,Swathi,Jay,Savitha thank you for your nice comments.Priya try to visit this place,then post your experiences and pictures.

  6. Dear Rani ...beautiful pictures from my trip to bali .. these very pretty in the picture of the food ... guess mr. is your husband .. say hello from me, I would love to know that part of the world, but for now is a bit difficult, my husband is not well and can not travel by plane now, hopefully loving... hugs later ..MARIMI


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