starter - Tangy and spicy sweet potato

Tangy and spicy sweet potato


- Sweet potatoes 4(boild)
- lemon juice 2 lemons cut and sqeeze juice in a cup
- ginger little piece grate it
- pepper powder 1 tea spoon
- chilli powder 1 tea spoon
- salt as per taste
- sugar 1 tea spoon
- coriander leaves for decoration


1. Take lemon juice in a bowl,in this add salt,sugar,pepper powder,chilli powder and grated ginger and mix well.
2. Take boild sweet potatoes and remove skin and cut into rounds.
3. In a serving plate arrange these sweet potato round pieces .
4. Take lemon juice mix ,with the help of spoon pour little little on each piece.
5. decorate with coriander leaves, pour remaing juice on top. Serve as a starter.


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