A small Market in Udupi,Karnataka ,India

Recently during my vacations, I visited this beautiful Temple city Udupi, situated on the coast of western ghats. This place is famous for its Sri Krishna Temple. In this temple we can see a small and beautiful idol of Lord Krishna adorned with lot of jewels.

One more interesting thing about this place is the delicious vegetarian food. Popular traditional vegetarian food like Dosa and Idly are originated from this place. During one of my later blogs, I will post how to make them-both Idly( steam tasty dumpling with rice and lentil) and Dosa( a kind of crapes).

In a mean while I captured beautiful market images in and around Sri Krishna temple.

A Florist selling flowers like jasmine, roses, chrysanthemum

A Bunch of Wooden Spoons, Rolling Pins, Ladles.... in a little shop

One more shop with a lot of wooden beaters (old style curd churners to remove fresh white butter from curd)

A Fresh Coffee Grinding Vendor

A Stainless Steel Vessels Shop


  1. Great post thanks for sharing ....

  2. Great post. Very interesting. I love those wooden kitchen utensils, they're beautiful!

  3. Hi Rani

    I love seeing photos of the visit to the Sri Krishna Temple ,very nice market with flowers, kitchen utensils and ornaments. The temple is very beautiful illuminated. I hope you have spent a very good holidays.


  4. Hi Nik and Marimi

    Usually the wooden kitchen utensils gifted to the near and dear.
    Nice to know you liked this post.
    I always wanted to visit this place. But got the chance only this year,enjoyed a lot. Thank you.



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