Baby Potato Stir Fry

A simple  aromatic mild spicy all time favourite Potato curry.


  1. Baby Potatoes                    250 gms
  2. Onions                                2
  3. Vegetable oil                      2 table spoons
  4. Cumin seeds                      1 tea spoon
  5. Black pepper                     1/2 tea spoon
  6. Red chilli powder             1/2 tea spoon
  7. Turmaric powder                1/2 tea spoon
  8. Garlic Paste                       1 tea spoon
  9. Salt                                    To taste
  10. Fresh coriander,Curry leaves        few
  1. Wash Potatoes and boil till to cook well.
  2. Off the flame and keep aside to cool.
  3. Remove the skin of Potatoes and cut in to rounds.
  4. In a mean while take onions and remove the skin and cut into rings.
  5. Heat Oil in a medium flame add cumin seeds fry for few minutes till to splutter.
  6. Then add curry leaves and Onions and Garlic paste fry for 1 to 2 minuted till onions to turn golden brown color.
  7. Now add Potato pieces stir for few minutes.
  8. Then add Turmaric powder,Pepper,Salt and Red chilli powder stir well and fry  in a high flame for 1 to 2 minutes.
  9.  Off the flame and Take Fried Potatoes in a serving bowl decorate with fresh coriander leaves.
  10. Serve hot with Roti or Rice.


  1. Beautifully presented,u made me hungry dear..Loved it ,superb!!

  2. Lovely and delicious looking baby potato. Excellent looking preparation.


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