Seed less Grape Juice

Every week I buy Fresh Vegetables and Fruits from Super Market. This week I bought some really juicy and lush seed-less black grapes, carefully picking two bunches of ripe ones. by the time i felt like making use of them, my hubby and elder son gave one bunch a fitting treatment while watching an exciting IPL Cricket Match last night! Now, I was left with only a small bunch of them now and i hurried to give them some kitcheny treatment., before today's matches start. Here I am narrating my juicy encounters with beautiful black grapes.....

Black Seed less Grapes                             1 bunch ( Theese grapes are too sweet)
Sugar or Honey                                         2 Spoon
Lemon                                                      2 drops 
Ice cubes                                                  1 cup
Water                                                       1 cup

  1. Take clean grapes in a mixer grinder jar.
  2. Add Honey or Sugar,Water, Ice cubes to grapes and grind well.
  3. Then strain the Juice with Juice strainer.
  4. Chilled Grape Juice is ready to serve.


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