Healthy Vegetable Upma Porridge with Oats,Tapioca,Wheat Rava

Now a days Oats is very popular in  Indian homes as a breakfast,because of its health benefits. Usually my both the sons likes to take this wonderful cereal grain with Milk. But me and my husband doesn't like to eat this way. So I am trying different spicy methods with this cereal grain. Today's my experiment is Vegetable Upma Porridge ...... result is delicious and yummy....

  1. Oats                                     1 cup
  2. Tapioca (Sabudana)              1/2 cup(coarsely ground Tapioca)
  3. Wheat Rava                          1/2 cup
  4. Water                                    4 cups
  5. Mustard seeds                       1/2 tea spoon
  6. Cumin seeds                           1/2 tea spoon
  7. Bengal gram                            1/2 tea spoon
  8. Black gram                              1/2 tea spoon
  9. Green chillies                         2(cut into small pieces)
  10. Ginger pieces                        1 tea spoon
  11. Grated Carrot                       1 table spoon
  12. Diced Tomato pieces            1/2 cup
  13. Diced Onion pieces              1/2 cup
  14.  Vegetable oil                      1 table spoon
  15. Curry leaves                        few
  16. Salt                                    to taste                                 
  17.  Lemon Juice                    1 table spoon

  1. Heat Oil in a pan to medium flame.
  2. Add Bengal gram,Black gram fry for few min. then add Mustard seeds,Cumin seeds fry for few more min.till seeds to splutter.
  3. Then add Curry leaves,Onion pieces,Green chilli,Ginger pieces fry till Onion to become translucent
  4. Now add Tomato pieces fry for 1 min.,then add grated Carrot cook few more min. 
  5. Add water in to this Vegetable spice mix  and boil.
  6. Now add Oats,Coarsely ground Tapioca,Wheat Rava and add Salt mix well and cover with lid and cook for 2 to 3 a  medium flame. 
  7. Serve hot Upma Porridge topping with lemon juice.



  1. loved this combo..addition of sabudana surely make this delicious

  2. Looks absolutely delish! Drooling over here! :)


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