Bitter gourd Stir Fry - Kakarakaya Vepudu

Bitter gourd  is one of the favorite vegetable in our home. That too this vegetable have bunch of  health benefits.Today's my recipe is a simple and tasty Stir fry.


  1. Bitter gourd                                  2
  2. Onion                                           1
  3. Vegetable oil                                2 table spoons
  4. Salt                                              1 table spoon
  5. Red chilli powder                         1 table spoon
  6. Turmeric powder                          1/2 tea poon
  7. Cumin powder                              1 tea spoon
  8. Bengal gram flour (Besan)             1 table spoon
  9. Water                                           1/4 cup approximately
  10. Fresh coriander  leaves                  few
  1. Clean Bitter gourd with water and cut it into a small pieces.
  2. Cut Onion into small dices.
  3. Heat Oil in a Pan.
  4. Add Bitter gourd pieces and cook in a high flame for 1 min.
  5. Then reduce the flame add little amount of water and close the pan with lid and cook for 2 to 3 min.till Bitter gourd pieces to cook well.
  6. Now add Onion pieces,fresh Coriander and cook for 1 min. in a medium flame.
  7. Then add Turmeric powder,Salt,Red chilli powder,Cumin powder increase the flame and fry for few min.
  8. Then add Gram flour(Besan) and fry  for few more min.In this stage curry may stick to bottom of the pan so mix well and and cook for 1 more min. And off the flame.
  9. Serve with Rice or any Indian Bread.


  1. Healthy and my kind of stir fry.

  2. I love this healthy bitter gourd stir fry. My favorite.

  3. looks wonderful delicious preparation

  4. Looks amazing ! Healthy one too...

  5. This looks delicious! Bitter gourd is one of my favourite veggies!

    1. Very good and nice food

      Thanks for the same and keep informed about the new recipes with your website

  6. Great way to cook bitter guard.lovely.Liked your page.thanks.

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