Moong dal Vada - Green gram Fritters

The months of heavy rains have stopped and  now Manipal is looking warm and pleasant, the mornings are bright and warm and we are finally able to see the Sun shine. Totally in my town Navaratri begins with pleasant weather. Happy Navaratri to all.

My today's recipe is Moong Dal Vada, which I offered as a Prasadam to my Goddess.  Inspired by Manjula's Kitchen

  1. Whole Moong        2 cups( soaked in water 5 hours)
  2. Potato                    2 (boiled)
  3. Green chillies       3 to 4(mash it mortal) 
  4. Ginger                  small piece(grate it nicely)
  5. Cumin seeds         1 tea spoon
  6. Asafoeteda           1/2 tea spoon
  7. Salt                       to taste
  8. Lemon juice         1 table spoon(optional)
  9. Oil for frying
  1. Clean soaked Moong dal thoroughly and  grind it coarsely in mixer grinder
  2. Remove the skin of boiled potatoes and mash it nicely.
  3. Coarse Moong dal batter and mashed Potatoes take it in  a wide bowl add Green chilli mash,Grated ginger,Cumin seeds,Asafoteda,Salt and lemon juice mix well.
  4. Heat oil in a pan.
  5. When oil comes to boiling point drop1 spoon full of batter in to oil and  fry  4 to 5 batches of Vadas till golden brown color.
  6. Serve with Fresh Coriander chutney.



  1. Super crispy vadas, love to munch some.

  2. Looks amazing. You must be called the master chef of vegetarian recipes...

  3. Rani,if I am not wrong we call these as Pesara Punukulu.What do u call them in your home.Crispy and tasty.


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