Ramadan or Ramzan is afestival for Muslims it is Eid-ul-Fitr, popularly known as the "Festival of Breaking of the Fast", occurs as soon as the new moon is sighted at the end of the month of fasting, namely Ramadan also known as Ramzan. This festival celebrates the end of Ramzan, the Muslim month of fasting. It is an occasion of feasting and rejoicing.

On the occasion of this festival today"s my post is Lovely and delicious Popular Desert Phirni.

Ingredients for Phirni:

  1. Basmathi rice                     3 spoons (clean and wash with tap water)(soak for 1hour)
  2. Sweet Condensed milk       2 cups
  3. Milk                                   3 cups  milk(here I used 2% fat milk,usually full cream milk used in Phirni)
  4. Green cardamom                2 or 3 Pound it in mortal
  5. Almonds                             few(cut into small pieces)
  6. Saffron                               few (soak it in warm milk)
  1.  Drain  water from rice and grind rice with a 1/2 a cup of water make it like a smooth paste.
  2. Now boil  milk and add rice paste and cook in low flame till to become soft,
  3. Then add condensed milk cook few more min in low flame till milk thickens.
  4. Then add cardamom powder and almond  pieces mix well and turn off the flame.Now add saffron and mix well.
  5. Serve warm or chilled.
  6. Usually Phirni served in earthen pots.
  7. I served in Ceramic cups.

Condensed milk (Indian brand Amul condensed milk)



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