Roasted Tomato Yoghurt chutney 
కాల్చిన  టమాట పెరుగు పచ్చడి   

Something refreshing and healthy Chutney.


  1. Tomato                  1 big
  2. Yogurt                   1 cup,(100g.)
  3. Salt                         to taste
  4. Cumin powder        1/2 tea spoon
  5. Turmeric powder    a pinch(optional
  1. Vegetable oil        1 tea spoon
  2. Bengal gram seeds 1/2 tea spoon
  3. Mustard seeds      1/2 tea spoon
  4. Cumin seeds         1/2 tea spoon
  5. Whole Red chilli    1(here i used Kashmir chilli)(make it into 2 pieces)
  6. Asafoteda            1/4 tea spoon
  7. curry leaves          2
  1. Take cleaned tomato and roast  on the Gas top  in a medium flame for 5 min.Keep aside to become cool.
  2. Remove the skin of tomato and mash it with  hand blender.
  3.  Take Yoghurt in a bowl  add salt and mix well with blender.
  4. Now add tomato mash and turmeric powder and mix well.
  5. Heat vegetable oil in a small pan (in a medium flame)add red chilli pieces fry for few min. then mustard seeds, cumin seeds fry till seeds has to splutter and add asafoteda and curry leaves and switch off the flame add this seasoning into Tomato,Yoghurt mixture and mix well. Sprinkle Cumin powder on the top ans serve.
  6. Serve as a side dish with Indian breads or Rice.


  1. nice and delicious chutney..innovative recipe..

  2. v interesting recipe !! i can imagine how great the smoky smell wld be !!

  3. wow, that is very new, love the idea and recipe and pics all :)

  4. Delicious looking tomato chutney.

  5. Totally new to me, can eat with any paratha or roti!

  6. this is interesting recipe. never tried. sounds delicious

  7. Interesting pachadi.. the burnt and rustic smell must be tasting awesome.


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