My Recent Explore: Wonderful Hong Kong

 I recently visited Hong Kong along with my hubby  Really wonderful  place. .Hong Kong  is a beautiful city, spread over both an  island and mainland region and doesn't appear to be vast, despite it really being so!.When we landed at the airport it was raining, but it was somewhat a nice feeling when we landed. Of course the airport is built in a highly functional manner, making the arrival, immigration and visa formalities felt like a simple routine. While landing we raced along with few ships that are reaching the port to find a berth, and suddenly we are landing. Though a similar experience as of landing at Dempasar airport, Hong Kong made look like a gigantic the middle of so much of water..We cleared our formalities, come out from airport and reached our hotel. Picking up a Green Taxi was made easy by the exit gate officials, who very warmly helped us get a taxi to Hyatt Regency Sha Tin.  And what a wonderful foamy cafe latte in hotel's lobby while waiting our rooms be allotted....I was thrilled to find a beautiful hillscape dotted with some villas on one side, MRT  train line, and in a distant corner, rows of tall apartments and a small waterfall gushing white waters from my room perched in 13th floor!.
Beautiful flower in vase
Rows of  tall apartments 
Foamy coffee latte
I captured these beautiful flowers pics

Home made chacolates

I tasted this Chinese too hot too spicy pure veg.  peppers curry  in Chinese restaurent

Modi road in Hong Kong
Peak Tram
Hong Kong in the night
While going to Ngong Ping hills, a view 
Gaint Budha on the hill
I captured Gaint Budha from the Entrance Gate
After seeing Gaint Budha returning in cable car


  1. Hi Rani, what a beatiful trip! I imagine that Hong Kong is a great city full of ligth and colour. I love your photos, are fantastics. Delicious chocolates and tasy chinese meals.
    Hugs and kisses.


  2. I have a special bonding wid dis place as I stayed der earlier...nice 2 refresh my memories wid dose clicks..

  3. Lovely clicks!!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  4. Wow u r so lucky, beautiful clicks,thanks for this visual treat..

  5. Hello, Rani! Thank you for your words and comment! The pottery is from Belgium. It´s very pretty, right? Kisses.

  6. wow..wat a fantastic d excellent cliks Rani..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  7. wiw, nice clicks.
    First time here and following.

    DO participate in my first event i.e Desserts with Coconuts :)

  8. Beautiful place, I only passed through the air port one time, not seen any sight seeing. Look like you had a wonderful trip.

  9. Very beautiful pictures of Hong Kong. I am sure you have enjoyed a lot. Excellent post.

  10. Beautiful pictures.Seems you had a great time.

  11. With my best wishes for next year, Merry Christmas.



  12. Gorgeous! Hong Kong looks lovely, judging from your pics. And the hot and spicy pure veg dish...yum!


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