Simple Cabbage curry toping with grated coconut- South Indian style

Todays my recipe is simple cabbage curry topping with grated fresh coconut.

  1. Cabbage                       2 cups((finely cut cabbage)
  2. Grated fresh coconut     1 cup
  3. Green chillies                 1 or 2(according to taste) (cut into small pieces)
  4. cumin seeds                   1 tea spoon
  5. Cumin powder              1 tea spoon
  6. Vegetable oil                1 table spoon
  7. Salt                              according to taste (app.1 tea spoon)
  8. Curry leaves                4 to 5 leaves

  1. Heat oil in a pan in a medium heat.
  2. Add cumin seeds fry for 1 min. 
  3. Then add curry leaves and green chilli pieces fry for half a second till  leaves to splutter.Now add cabbage and mix well,add little water and cover with lid and cook for  2 to 3 min in a medium flame.
  4. Then check the  cabbage cooked well then add grated coconut,cumin powder and mix well for few seconds and off the flame.
  5. Now serve this tasty cabbage curry with rice and sambar.


  1. Simple and healthy. I too have my version of this curry in my draft,will post soon.

  2. my most fav preparation with cabbage - very satisfying and yum!

  3. Thank you for your visit to my blog. I have found in yours a lot of ideas. And I have seen your garden too. really cute!

  4. A healthy poriyal!!!! Love it with hot syeamed rice and papad...:)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. Great combo and so tasty!

  6. Simply inviting,love with anything..

  7. Lovely recipe ~ quick n delcious I bet!

  8. Simple and comfortable curry. Luv it anytime as it is

  9. Cabbage thoran looks delicious.

  10. Hi Rany ... that I like these delicious recipe with cabbage mixture fantastic ..kiss MARIMI

  11. simple and delicious dish with cabbage, looks great..

  12. my fav combo - vathakuzhambu with cabbage poriyal...ur version is lipsmacking..:P
    Tasty Appetite

  13. delicious combo .... looks great and following u ......


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