Avakaya - Andhra Mango Pickle

Avakaya is very popular Mango Pickle delicacy from Andhra Pradesh. In India Summer seasonal fruit is Mango. Almost all parts of India busy in making different types of pickles with raw mangoes in summer season.Today's my post is one of the most popular pickle from southern part of India. Main ingredients for this pickle are Mustard seeds,best  Raw Mangoes,Good Chilli Powder,Nice gingely oil and Salt. Todays my recipe is famous Andhra delicacy:

 Avakaya - Mango Pickle

  1. Raw Mangoes             11/2 kg.
  2. Red Chilli powder         150g
  3. Mustard powder           150g
  4. Salt                               120g
  5. Gingely oil                     500g
  6.  Fenugreek seeds           1 tea spoon
  7. Asafoeteda                    1 tea spoon
    1. Clean Raw Mangoes and cut into small medium pieces.(Here mangoes has to cut with inside the seed,but it is little difficult task,but in India we will get helpers.)
    2. After cut the pieces remove seeds and dirt  with clean cloth.
    3. Clean all pieces thoroughly with clean dry cloth and keep it aside.
    4. Now grind  Mustard seeds in a food processor like fine powder.(here i used mustard seeds,( small size mustrd 75g,big size mustard seeds 75g,)bigger mustard seeds reduce spiciness  in pickle,smaller mustards increase the spiciness in the pickle, so balancing the picke i mixed both the seeds.Before grinding mustard seeds dry it under sun 30 min.,otherwise microwave these mustard seeds for 3 to 4min.)
    5. Now  take Red chiili powder and mustard powder,fenugreek seeds,asafoteda and Salt in a wide big plate or plastic container.
    6. Mix well this mixture with hands.
    7. Then add 100g gingely oil and mix well again with hands.
    8. Now add Mango pieces and mix well in this mixture and add 200g. gingely oil on the top and close with cloth and keep it aside for 1 day.
    9. Check pickle next day mix well with wooden spoon and add remaing gingely oil and store it in  ceramic pickle jar.Third day  remove liilte amount of pickle in a small bowl and serve with hot rice and dal and topping with little ghee or gingely oil. (Always use clean wooden or plastic spoon for take out pickle from jar).

    Red chilli powder,Mustard powder,Salt and Fenugreek seeds
     Mango pieces

    Gingely oil
     Mixture of Red chilli powder,salt,mustard powder and fenugreek seeds
     After adding gingely oil 
      Mango pieces in spice mix 
    First day pikcle

    Second day pickle 

    Pickle in Jar 

     Third day Pikcle ready to serve


    1. Omg, tongue tickling avakaya, worth to try, simply mouthwatering here..

    2. Whoo ~ so so so tempting ~ droolworthy pickle n presentation!
      US Masala

    3. Wow looks delicious and very tempting.

    4. mouthwatering mango pickle..i can have with anything..dosa, rice etc..yummy!!

    5. Avakaya pickle looks awesome perfect, nice and spicy.

    6. wow so tempting and mouthwatering pickle !!

    7. Avakaya Pickle looks so tasty and tangy. Can I invite myself over to taste it? :)

      Hamaree Rasoi

    8. Mouthwatering avakai.Would like to have it right now
      South Indian Recipes

    9. Perfect avakkai,would love to grab some from the jar.

    10. Mouthwatering Avakkai....would love to mix some with hot white rice..

    11. Mothwatering pickle... I will definitely try this. thanks for sharing.

    12. It's very a hot pickle! I need a packet of that pickle!

    13. Thank you all your lovely comments.
      Hi Deepa,Nandini,southindian home,Kaveri,Ms.chit chat, i wish you people are in Manipal i love to share with you this pickle.

    14. So mouthwatering!!! Would love to taste this now ;)
      Prathima Rao
      Prats Corner

    15. Love the pickle and the pot :) Pickle with rasam .. yummm


    16. Oh my drooling..love this pickle.

    17. actually , I m craving for this recipe..urs sounds toooo good...bookmarked..thanks dear..:)

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    18. looks spicy and so tempting .......

    19. Very tempting and yummy, wish to grab some from you...


    20. the pickle looks mouthwatering.. i shud try this and can anyone help me out of making " uppukaisoi".. the complete preperation method with measurements and pictures.

    21. mouth watering...reminds me of my mom...

      happy to follow you...

      chk out my space too:

    22. Wow.. absolutely mouth watering..

    23. wow mouth watering pickle..I am a great fan of Avakaya..thank you very much for sharing..

    24. This post has been very helpful to crosscheck my doing this pickle recipe today. This is the most traditional Andhra type, tastes good, & lasts longer than a year. Thanks for the post. I think asafaoetida is optional, & I don't know if it could improve the aroma, as Aavakaya itself has its own aroma.


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