Microwave Tasty American Sweet Corn Bhel puri (Spicy Indian Savory or Snack)

Today's my evening snack special American sweet corn bhel puri. Really it came out very tasty.......

This recipe source is from TV food shows. 

Ingredients for this recipe:
  1. American corn              1
  2. Onions                         1 (cut into fine dices)
  3. Tomato                        1 (cut into small dices)
  4. Lemon                          1/2
  5. Green chilli                    1(cut into small pieces)
  6. Chilli sauce                    1 tea spoon
  7. Salt                               1/2 tea spoon
  8. Haldiram's Aloo bhujia  for topping
  9. Puffed rice                   for topping(i fried in home with little salt )
  10. Coriander leaves          little
  1. Take American corn in microwave safe bowl and add little water and cook in high power for 4min.
  2. Take out corn from microwave and keep it aside for 5min.
  3. Now take out cooked corn seeds from corn kennel with the help of knife or with hand.
  4. Take corn seeds in a wide bowl add onions,tomato pieces,green chillie pieces and little salt and mix well.
  5. Serve topping with aloo bhujia , fried puffed rice and lemon juice and coriander leaves.

I am Sending to Aipi and Priya book marked recipe Tuesday event


  1. Wow..that looks super super tempting..nice recipe..

  2. Delicious and easy snack recipe. good muniches for watching movies.

  3. thats very tempting and such a light simple snack!...love it!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  4. My favourite bhel.with corn makes it more healthy.loving it.

  5. yummy and looking delicious :)

  6. yummy and delicious bhelpuri !!

  7. The only corn we've ever done in microwqve is popcorn......this looks tempting!!!! What's Haldiram's Aloo bhujia ??

  8. Feel like finishing that wonderful looking bhel,yumm!

  9. Lovely snack - Love the addition of corn - YUM!

  10. Hi Com Gat i Gos, nice to know you liked this recipe.What i used in this recipe Haldiram's Aloo bhujia means is a ready made crisp savoury available in Indian markets.It looks like thin fried noodles.It will give great taste to this corn bhel pori. (www.haldiram.com.)
    Thank you.

  11. Rani..that looks soo tangy n yummy!!Loved the twist u gave to the bhel puri by adding corn!!

  12. Hi Rani .. .. I love the corn salad is how we eat and also on popcorn .. but not many recipes .. I like this .. Come by my blog and fucks SPRING PRIZE .. enjoy it .. hugs

  13. I liked the addition of american corn here. Nice twist to the usual bhel puri.
    Thanks for visiting my page. Though I know i'm late to acknowledge it. You have a fabulous blog. Will come back sure

    Hamaree Rasoi

  14. Really yummy bhelpuri....love the sweet corn in it !!!


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