Rich Almond and Banana Smoothie

Banana's are easily available fruits.We know this fruit is a great source of energy and healthy.Here in this smoothie i used Glucose Phazham or Amruthapani or Rasthali .This banana itself taste like glucose.This is very simple and healthy juice and quite filling also.

  1. Banana                                 2
  2. Milk  (low fat)                      2 cups
  3. Sugar                                   1 to 2 spoons(we can use honey also,but here i used sugar)
  4. Almonds                              4(soaked in warm water 2 to 3 hours)
  1. Take skin removed bananas in a  blender add Milk and almonds and sugar blend well.
  2. Then add few ice cubes and blend again and serve.(if you don't like to use ice cubes add little amount of water)


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