Microwave Spinach and Tomato curry or Palak,Tomatar ki subji.

Simple and  healthy curry.

 Microwave Spinach and Tomato curry or Palak,Tomatar ki subji:

  1. Spinach (Palak)          1  cup
  2. Tomato                      2  (cut into small pieces)
  3. Onion                         1  ( small cut into small pieces)
  4. green chilli                   1  (cut into small pieces)
  5. ginger                            small  piece (grate it)
  6. Cumin seeds               1   tea spoon
  7. Red chilli powder        1   tea spoon
  8. Salt                             1 teaspoon
  9. Vegetable oil               1 table spoon
  10. Sugar                          tea spoon
  1. Take vegetable oil in microwave safe bowl; place it in the microwave and set time for 30 sec.
  2. After 30 sec add Cumin seeds,green chilli pieces,onion pieces and ginger set time for 1 min.
  3. After 1 min add spinach, tomatoes, salt, red chilli powder, sugar and little water; close the lid and set time for 5 min in high power.
  4. After 5 min. check the curry and mix well take it serving bowl.
  5. Serve with hot rotis or piping hot ghee rice.


  1. ¡Another great microwave recipe! ¡Thank you!


  2. Hi Rani!! Loved this curry, I must try it. Thanks for sharing !

  3. It looks delicious and so easy to do!! I have to try, curry is a plus.

  4. Hi Rani... I like this recipe for spinach and tomato, this curry I must try it,the beautiful color picture. Thanks , greetings Marimi

  5. Delicious!, I like very much.

  6. so easy and healthy too.loving it.

  7. Delicious and tasty curry easy to make too.

  8. Hi Rani ...ortiga ..can be nettle?..o stinging nettle..is wild..
    the picture is in the post
    I would put one in the wild..greetins.MARIMI

  9. So easy to make will give a try Rani..


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