Chilli Paneer (Spicy Cottage cheese)

 Today i am going to post Simple and tasty Chilli Paneer (Spicy Cottage Cheese).

  • Paneer (cottage cheese)           200g (here i used local Indian brand Amul Paneer)
  • Onion                                       1 big (cut into small dices)
  • Green Capsicum                       1(cut into small pieces)
  • Green chillies                            2(cut into small pieces)
  • Chilli sauce                               2 table spoons
  • Tomato sauce                          1 cup
  • salt                                          1/2 tea spoon
  • garlic                                       3 cloves(cut into small pieces)
  • Mint and spring onions             little(for topping)
  • vegetable oil                            1 table spoon
  • Heat Oil in a Pan add paneer (Cottage cheese) in it and shallow fry in a medium flame for 1 min. till it turn in to golden color.
  • Take out Paneer pieces from Pan and keep it aside.
  • Same Pan add Onion pieces,green chillies,Capsicum pieces and gralic - shallow fry in high flame for 1 min.
  • Now reduce the flame and add chilli sauce , Tomato sauce and fried Paneer pieces - mix well.
  • Serve topping with mint and spring onions.


  1. This looks yum Rani....very very temtping

  2. How do you eat this..with roti, rice or on its own?

  3. Rani, chili paneer looks yumm.

  4. Hi, p3chandan we can eat this like appetizer or a snack.

  5. When we thing about asian cooking (China, India, Thailand...) we don't use to asociate it with cheese. This recipe its surprising to me, but it looks delicious!!

  6. Is that YUMMY or what! Drooling verily!

  7. OMG,it looks gorgeous and so so so tempting...

  8. I love love love this dish ..the color, presentation everything is very tempting!!

    US Masala

  9. HI RANI ...delicious dish with amazing colors. I like and pointed.Hugs and kisses...MARIMI

  10. the pictures are make my mouth water, Rani! I am sure it tasted as delicious as it looks - lovely post dear :)


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