Bell Peppers and long green chillies (non spicy) Fritters

Here i used Bell peppers and  non spicy long green chillies.

  1. Chickpea flour            2 cups
  2. Rice flour                    2 tea spoons
  3. Bell Peppers               2(cut into  rounds,long pieces)
  4. Green chillies              3 (cut into half)
  5. Salt                            2 tea spoons
  6. Baking powder          1 table spoon
  7. Chilli powder             1 table spoon(optional,here i have not used chilli powder,i like bell peppers taste so i have not added any spices)
  8. Refined vegetable oil    4 cups
  9. water                           3 cups(approximately) 
  1. Take chickpea flour,rice flour in a wide bowl,add salt baking soda  mix well.
  2. Add water in small portions in this flour till it become thick batter.
  3. Cut bell peppers in to circles or long pieces and green chillies also cut in to half
  4. Heat vegetable oil in a heavy bottom pan,slide dipped bell pepper rings slowly in to hot oil,fry  up to golden brown and crisp.(2 or 3 dipped bell peppers may be slided depending upon size of the pan).In the same process fry long cut green chillies also fry in hot oil.
  5. Remove fritters in oil absorbing  paper,
  6. Serve these tasty fritters  with tomato sauce.



  1. Tempting n yummy..can you send me some noe..pleaseeee :))))

  2. Hi ...thanx for visiting my blog....I am a big fan to mirchi bajji and bell pepper bajjis too....u have made them perfectly...
    keep visiting
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  3. Bell pepper fry looks delicious Rani. Easy evening snack

  4. So yummy, I would to have this with a cup of chai.

  5. Sorry some typing mistake in the previous comment, I would love to have this with a cup of chai.

  6. fritters are always my fav.chillies add the flavor.

  7. Rani gracias por visitar mi blog. Visitaré el tuyo porque me gusta lo que haces.
    Esta receta tiene que estar exquisita.

  8. So crispy and inviting fritters, feel like having for snacks with a cup of tea..

  9. Looks so gorgeous and inviting...

  10. First class bhajjis! a favorite weekend snack in our home - My hubby's speciality :)

  11. Hi Rani ...Every time you put the most beautiful blog .. I like change..this recipe call in gabardine wrap something ... when fry paste, I like what you cooked
    Studying was Etoy changes for my big hug ..MARIMI


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