Pesarattu with ginger chutney (Whole Green gram and vegetable seasoning Dosa or Crape or Pancake)(State of Andhra Pradesh Breakfast delicacy )

Pesarattu (Pesara means green gram ,attu means Dosa or crape or Pan cake)) is a delicacy from southern state of Andhra Pradesh break fast recipe).This delicious  Whole green gram Dosa is eaten  with ginger chutney(dip).Simply this Crispy Dosa enjoyed with cumin and ginger topping or onion and ginger and chillies topping.Today i am going to show your how to make Pesarattu (green gram dosa) seaoning with onion dices,ginger pieces,and green chilli pieces.

  • Whole Green gram            200g (పెసలు) (2cups)
  • Water                               400ml
  • Salt                                  2 tea spoon  (according to taste you can add salt )
  • Ginger                              50g  (cut into small pieces)
  • Onion                               2(cut into small pieces)
  • Green chillies                    2 (cut into small pieces)
  • cumin seeds                      1 table spoon
  • Ghee                                 50g 
  • Vegetable oil                    50ml

  • Wash and clean Whole green gram.Soak in water for 5 hours.(in winter season you have to soak 2 more hours)
  • After 5 hours strain the water, clean once with water and blend in blender till it becomes a smooth batter.(add a little water if necessary)
  • There is no need to ferment this batter. This batter can be kept in fridge for one day only.More than one day the taste may not be good.In  winter season it can stay 2 days.Usually this dosa is made with freshly ground batter.
  • Take this batter in a separate bowl add salt and cumin seeds mix well. Keep it aside.
  • Now take onions remove skin and cut into small pieces,then take green chillies cut into small pieces,then take ginger remove skin and cut into small pieces.Keep aside.
  • Heat Non-Stick Tawa(Pan) in a medium  flame,take ladder full of green gram batter and pour it in tawa and spread thinly with the help of ladder and pour oil in the all sides of dosa,then take onions,chillies and ginger pieces press it in center of dosa,then pour 1 tea spoon ghee and fry in a  medium  heat till dosa becomes golden brown color. Onion pieces should not burn,so you have to do this process in medium flame only.
  • Now turn this dosa into second side,and fry few min. 
  • Then turn this dosa again and fold it into half and take into serving plate.
  • Now Serve hot pesarattu with ginger chutney.or coconut chutney
  • Usually Pesarattu - Upma is wonderful combination with ginger chutney.And a cup of coffee.Then heaven is in your feet.
  • In my next post i will show you how to make  Upma.(Upma is one more break fast recipe)

Whole green gram (soaked in water)

Whole green in mixer grinder vessel

After  grinding in mixer grinder,Green gram batter, toping with cumin seeds
Diced onions,ginger,and green chillies

Laddle full of green gram batter  on non stick tawa

After spreading batter dosa looks like this

Pour oil in all sides

Topping with onions,ginger and green chilli pieces
Turn into second side

Hot Pesarattu Serve with ginger chutney


  1. Ellerinize sağlık. Çok leziz görünüyor.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

  3. Delicious and healthy breakfast idea, looks very yummy.

  4. Yummy n nutritious recipe. Great way to start your day:-)
    Hope to c the Ginger chutney recipe along with upcoming Upma recipe:-)

  5. Yummy and healthy this so much,yummy.

  6. wonderful and tempting peserette.I usually add rice along with green moong while soaking and then grind.Now I shall try only with green moong.

  7. Enjoyed browsing thro' ur space and loved ur recipes. Glad to follow u :):)


  8. I love pesatattu.Easy to make and also very tasty

  9. Yumm yumm, picture itself makes me hungry.

  10. Dear Rani, I have copied this recipe because I want to try it. I can get these beans easily in Spain (we called them "green soya") and the recipe looks quite easy.

    Thank you very much for sharing these recipes with us. I'm looking forward to those chutneys.


  11. Hi Rani I like this recipe .. looks like a giant pancake soybean Pesarattu!
    .I will try it. morning publishes a recipe yours .... varied ,hugs and greetings MARIMI

  12. Loved it dear, very nicely done and it looks soooo appetizing.

    US Masala

  13. Andhra special....iam hungry....really hungry...this is my fav....breakfast....pictorial description is nice and nice to know that u r also from Andhra...


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