Dhauli Giri

Beautiful Places

I am fortunate to visit some beautiful places with my husband in India and abroad.
I would like to share the cuisine and experiences from my travels.

In this post I would like to introduce the state of Orissa (Eastern India.)
In this State I'v visited Puri, Konark, Chilka Lake and Dhouli Giri.
I'll post about all these towns in my forth-coming posts.

Dhauli Giri is historically an important place near Bhubaneswar,state capital of Orissa.
Here, Emperor Ashoka ( 294 B.C) renounced war, embraced Buddhism and became an ambassador-of non-violence.
Here we can see his preachings. Dhouli Giri is a Universal symbol of Budhism.

We had a lot of fun on the road-trip here. I discovered that we can buy very tasty Cashew-Nuts.

Some beautiful Pics of there:

Daya River

Dhauli Giri

Shanthi Stupa

Lord Budha


  1. Hi Rani!!
    the truth that the landscapes are beautiful!

    It is very rewarding to travel and experience different cultures and foods.

    Just yesterday I saw a documentary on India and caught me by the beauty of their places. I really liked a place to pray for all religions was a lotus flower.

    A kiss, cuidate , happy start to the week.

  2. Hi Nancy

    Yes it is truely rewarding to learn about different cultures and foods. I am happy to know you liked the places in India. Thank you very much for your beautiful words..


  3. That's a nice piece of information, pictures looks lovely.

  4. Lovely place, Rani. Looks so peaceful.

  5. Hello Rani, I just had a peek at your vegetarian recipes...that looks very good!
    It will also help me to have more inspiration to cook different dishes. Thanks, DeeBee :))

  6. Such a lovely peaceful place..thanks for the beautiful virtual tour dear :)
    Happy V day to you n your loved ones :)

    US Masala


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