Historical places from Orissa,India

 I am a big fan of ancient architecture and historic places. Along with my husband I have visited many places in State of Orissa, India. Today I'd like to show you few places of historical value. These places are famous for their temples and their architecture.

The first image on today's post is Puri: Land of Lord Jaganath. Built during the eleventh century, the Jagannatha temple is a holy place for the followers of Hinduism. The Jaganath Rath Yatra chariot festival is celebrated every year during the month of July.

Lord Jaganath Temple, Puri

Konark: a small town located 50 to 60 km from Bhubaneswar ,Orissa, India. The fame to this town comes from the iconic Sun Temple. A monumental architecture built in the thirteenth century, the Sun Temple of Konark is a cultural symbol for Orissa. Built out of black granite, the temple is shaped as a chariot with twelve pair of wheels. The temple is of large proportions and each part of this temple has been decorated with sculpted figures.

Sun Temple of Konark (Black Pagoda)

Two of the twelve pairs of wheels of the Chariot Sun God Temple.

Sculpture of an Elephant at the temple

Konark is also famous for the Annual Indian Classical Dance Festival. I had the fortune to visit this dance festival once.All the Indian Classical dances are performed here.

Famous Indian Classical dance Oddissi being performed during the festival

Oddissi dance performers

Sea shore near Konark

One more beautiful place from Orissa: Chilka lake
 Ckilka Lake  is a lagoon loacted near Bhubaneshwar, Orissa .It is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. It is a winter shelter for migratory birds from different parts of the world. Chilka Lake is home to many exotic birds. The place is so noisy with the population of the birds that it easily overwhelm the tourist. I was lucky to photograph some Siberian cranes. Here are some of my photographs:

 Visitors from Siberia

 Visitors enjoying at the bright sunlight at the Chilka Lake

  On the way to join the Party

Birds at the party

Lake Boat to view dolphins

My next post is about Beautiful places in Bhubaneswar and a local delicasy: Ras Malai desert.

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  1. Thank you for those beautiful pictures. I've visited India 15 years ago, but I've never been in Orissa. I wish I could go back there again someday.

  2. Hi Rani

    What a beautiful places!! fantastic photos.
    I like very much all pictures. Congrats by this


  3. Hermosos paisajes , el templo que grandioso !!!
    gracias por compartir las imágenes .
    Así se conoce sin viajar y tb, es lindo !!

    Un beso , cuidate .

  4. Hi Mourguix

    I am happy to know that you visited India 15 years back. Thank you for your wonderful words and i wish you visit India again.

    Hi Marimi

    I happy to know that you liked this pictures.Thanks for your nice comments.

    Hi Nancy
    Thank you for your sweet words.

    Hi Sadhana
    I am glad to know that you liked virtual tour.Thank you.


  5. Thats a virtual tour of orissa....I njoyed it a lot....thanks for sharing...u have a wonderful blog and I amglad to follow u

  6. thank you for your visit. Your blog is really interesting. I keep watching!

  7. Hey,

    Beautiful and very informative post...:)



  8. preciosas fotos y hermosisimos paisajes que nos acercan a un pais fantastico..

    Gracias por compartirlas
    Un beso

  9. Realy beautiful place, i hope i can visit one day!

  10. Hi Sameena thank you for your wonderful words and visit my blog.

    Hi Teresa,
    thank you for your beautiful comments.

    Hi Sergio Gomes,
    I am very happy know you liked this places and i wish you visit India.


  11. Beautiful and very informative post...:)I am from orissa dear..

  12. Hi Divya
    Glad to know that you are from Orissa. May be you know very well about these places.We lived almost one year in Bhubaneswar.Thank you for your nice words.


  13. wow...wonderful clicks...thanks for sharing dear..
    Tasty appetite

  14. Wonderful post, Rani. I'm glad to see that this valuable temple is undergoing maintenance and restoration. The lake is impressive. I love wildlife.


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  16. Nice sharing Friend! Your blog is really interesting. I keep watching

  17. Nice sharing friend. Your images are very beautiful. I have been visited India before la to grand canyon bus tours but I had never gone in Orissa State. After reading your blog I wish I could go there on my next tour. Thanks a lot for this informative sharing.


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