Microwave tomato rasam and karam papad

Looking at some of my blogs, my younger son telephoned me and asked me to show how to make tomato Rasam in microwave. Frankly saying, i never tried Rasam in microwave.I usually make it on the gas stove. This is the first time i tried it in microwave. My family didn't even realise that it was microwave made. It came out well. Here is the recipe for my microwave Tomato Rasam. Hope you like it...

1. Medium sized tomatoes 2 (cut into dices)
2. Tamarind little( 10 gm)(make it like paste with little hot water)
3. Water 250 ml
4. Coriander powder 1/2 tea spoon
5. Cumin powder 1/2 tea spoon
6. Turmeric very little(2 gm)
7. Garlic 1 clove (nicely grated)
8. Crushed peppers 1/2 tea spoon
9. Salt 1 table spoon
10. Sugar 1 tea spoon
11. Coriander leaves for decoration
12. Ground pepper 1/2 tea spoon

1. Ghee (clarified butter) 1 table spoon
2. Asafoetida a pinch
3. Mustard seeds 1/2 a tea spoon
4. Cumin seeds 1/2 a tea spoon

1. Rasam base:
Pour water in a microwave safe bowl, add tamarind paste, tomato dices, salt, turmeric powder, cumin powder, grated garlic, coriander powder, crushed peppers, ground pepper and sugar. Now close the lid and set the timer for 3 min in microwave mode. Take this Rasam-base in serving bowl keep it aside.
2. Seasoning:
Take another microwave proof bowl and add ghee, mustard and cumin seeds. Set the timer for 2 min. Remove from oven and add this seasoning into the Rasam-base, and mix well.
The Rasam is ready! Serve with hot rice and papad or serve like soup.

A Bowl of Tomato-Rasam with white Rice and karam papad

Method for eating Rasam: Pour it onto the rice,

Mix it well(ideally with hand)...

eat with papad.

P.S. Indian cuisines are mostly eaten by hand.


  1. Thx. for visiting my blog....

    glad to follow u :)

  2. Hi Rani, I like this recipe of tomatoes, here we have not various condiments of species, is very interesting to see how it does and eats.
    I would like to see how is made Indian bread.

    Thanks for your post on my blog. Warm greetings. Marimi

  3. Hi Marimi

    Nice to know you like this recipe.

    In this recipe, you can use whatever spices you get in your place , example:instead of tamarind -you can use lemon,simply you use these spices ground pepper, chilli flakes and garlic, (you can avoid cumin,coriander) for seasoning you use melted butter with any herbs like coriander,basil etc.. how try this and tell me.

    In a week time i will post Indian breads

    Warm greetings

  4. Dear Rani Thanks for your explanation. Is a root of a plant grown in Valencia (Spain) and squeezed out the milk. You can change chufa
    by soy milk or coconut, you have made with more sugar and gelatin.



  5. Dear Marimi

    Thanks for your reply, i will make this desert with coconut milk.

    warm greetings



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